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My Mortgage Focus

Richard Smith is a certified mortgage planner who uses his skills and talents to help first-time homebuyers and repeat buyers see their mortgage as a financial tool. Whether you’re applying for your first home loan or selling and moving up, he’ll provide the guidance you need and strategize a mortgage plan that’s centered around your financial goals.

There’s no short supply of mortgage programs available but this doesn’t mean that every program is right for everyone. It is imperative to get a loan that’s appropriate for your current and future needs. This involves the expertise of a highly knowledgeable mortgage professional.

A home is your most significant asset, and in most cases, your first home won’t be your last. Cherry Creek Mortgage has a wide selection of residential mortgage solutions for just about every borrower at every stage in life, and Richard is committed to coming up with a long-term mortgage plan that starts with your first mortgage.

He’ll evaluate your finances and situation, discuss your future plans, and then tailor a plan to suit your needs. The right loan is a steppingstone to not only personal wealth, but also your future dream.

Give Richard a call and learn more about our customized mortgage solutions (first-time homebuyer loans, conventional loans, specialty programs, FHA, VA and more).